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I’m always surfing around YouTube for videos on diet and nutrition. I came across a guy with the most annoying voice called Dr. Greg. Not only could I not stand his super high-pitched voice, but he also doesn’t talk in his videos — he screams!

I kept clicking out of his videos, but for some reason I would always come back. Then much to my dismay, I started binge-watching his videos, and eventually I got used to his voice until the point that it didn’t bother me anymore.

So what is so interesting about this guy that kept me coming…

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I want to discuss the topic of sodium, the main ingredient in salt.

I always check the labels of any food packaging that I am thinking of buying at the grocery store. As I go down the list, many times everything checks out except the sodium.

I feel so disappointed as I have to put it down, and continue my search through other brands.

Do you ever check the sodium content in food packaging?

Well if you aren’t, then you definitely should! And today you are going to learn why.

US Department of Health and Human Services recommend that healthy…

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If you have gained weight recently while on a diet, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, being on a plant-based doesn’t guarantee you will shed the extra pounds.

I learned this from personal experience. When I went vegan about 4 years ago, I thought I was going to lose weight, but I didn’t, and I was extremely disappointed.

Back in those days, I did not understand that diets have nothing to do with weight-loss and that essentially all that really matters is calories in and calories out.

There are many common mistakes that one can make when first transitioning to a different…

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I truly believe that someone who works from home vs someone that needs to get somewhere to work every day will need to have a fresh approach to losing weight. I know because I learned the hard way.

You might also face the challenge that when the weekend rolls around, you lose control of the healthy diet you had followed all week. Home is not always the best place to take charge of our willpower.

In this blog post, I will give you my best tips on how to lose weight at home on a vegan lifestyle. …

I tried taking shortcuts…I was juicing!

As vegans or vegetarians, juicing seems to be a perfect fit. All it requires is fruit and veggies.

It sounds so easy right? I can just thrown-in all my veggies and fruits in a blender, get my fiber for the day, be out the door in no time.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you cannot drink your fiber and calories and expect to not get hungry again in a 2 hours.

Keep in mind that I’m not saying that you can never juice, I myself still do it sometimes, it tastes good…

Eating beans is not a subject many of us like to talk about because of the side effects, if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*

Whenever I tell my coworkers or friends how they should be eating more beans, I always get the same response “they give me gas” or “they make me bloated”.

I cannot argue against that.

However if you follow some of the tips I will give you later on, they will help you alleviate those side effects or even get rid of them once and for all.

But first let’s talk about the benefits of…

It’s fruit, right? And it’s vegan. So it must be ok!

Well, yes, that is true, and while there are pros to eating dried fruit, there are also cons you should know about if you are trying to lose weight.

Let’s talk about those first and at the end I will give you my verdict.

  1. It’s convenient.

If you asked me, the main reason why I like dried fruit is because it’s convenient. I could put a bag in my purse and just pull it out whenever I feel hungry.

And while I think that many of you would agree…

Well, dark chocolate that is.

Back when I still trying to lose weight, I had the idea that after I ate lunch or dinner I needed to have dessert.

Which could be anything from a cookie, or favorite…ice cream.

It was something I looked forward to even before I ate my actually meal.

I think this idea I had is left from when I was a kid, and I didn’t want to eat my vegetables, so my mom would bribe me with a cookie if I finished my food.

Unfortunately I know I’m not the only one. I even see…

We hear about all sorts of diets out there…the keto diet, the Mediterranean diet, the paleo diet, and yes…the vegan diet too.

I am guilty of this myself. I always say or write the ‘vegan diet’. But what I really should be saying is the ‘vegan lifestyle’.

Sidenote: I often say ‘vegan diet’ on purpose instead of ‘vegan lifestyle’ because I’m afraid that people won’t understand me correctly. But I will make an effort to stop doing this.

So what’s wrong with saying ‘vegan diet’?

The problem is that when we think ‘diet’, we usually think of something that we…

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I work a 9–5 job, and all my coworkers know that I’m a vegan. Not because I go around telling them, but because every time there is food at the office I won’t eat it since it’s not vegan-friendly. And of course they all notice.

Because they know I’m vegan, they always ask me a lot of nutrition related questions. All which I am very happy to answer. I would talk about it all day if I could!

About a week ago, a had a conversation with my coworker Marco about frozen vegetables and fruit.

I was telling Marco that…

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