If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It

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Did your mom make you eat your vegetables when you were little even though you hated them?

Well my mom did too.

I never liked vegetables as a kid, but now I love them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s just a phase we grow out of.

However I have one little secret for you to help you eat even more vegetables and fruit (It was still a struggle for me before). It is so simple, but yet it wasn’t obvious to me before.

My secret: If you don’t like it, don’t eat it!

Just eat MORE of the vegetables and fruits that you like.

Let me explain what I think it’s going on in your head.

The fact that you were most likely forced to eat food you didn’t like when you were little, created the belief that you should eat things even if you don’t like them (because your mom said so!).

However this subconscious idea only causes resentment and in turn you refuse to eat at least the minimum amount of fruits and vegetables recommended we eat daily.

If you don’t like broccoli, don’t eat it!

If you don’t like garlic, don’t eat it!

If you don’t like cilantro because it smells like dirty socks, don’t eat it!

And here is my confession: I don’t like brussels sprouts, eggplant, papaya, and cherry tomatoes.

Every morning when my roommate asks me if I want some of her cherry tomatoes (I swear she does this), I say “no, thanks” without feeling guilty.

Give my suggestion a try. Only eat the fruits and veggies you like, and you will notice that you will start eating healthier.

Think about it, who has ever gotten fat from eating too much fruit and vegetables?

So, what fruits or vegetables do you hate?

Visit me at WhoopWellness.com for all things Vegan.

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